Just Havent Met You Yet by Sophie Cousens

In Just Haven’t Met You Yet, Laura spends her working life interviewing couples about their larger-than-life love stories. This, together with what she has been told about her parents’ relationship, has given her a rose-tinted view of romance that none of her previous relationships has ever lived up to.

On a work trip to Jersey to revisit places that were special to her parents, and write an article about it, she ends up with someone else’s suitcase. On opening it, to try to find out who it belongs to, the contents lead her to believe the owner would be her Mr Right if only she could track him down.

Laura reminded me of Bridget Jones in that some of the humour was of the cringeworthy variety and often at her expense. Told solely from Laura’s perspective, Just Haven’t Met You Yet is not just the lightweight romantic tale that is promised on the cover, but also a heartbreaking story about family secrets. The supporting cast of memorable, quirky characters are well drawn and gradually help her to discover what she really wants to do with her life.

Jersey is a wonderful setting and beautifully described by the author who clearly has great affection for the island. There is a cinematic quality to the story and I could see it being made into a movie. The action takes place over just a few days so the pace is fairly brisk. I did not always find Laura particularly likeable, and the whole suitcase mix-up dragged on a little too long, but overall I enjoyed reading Just Haven’t Met You Yet and look forward to whatever Sophie Cousens writes next.

Thanks to Arrow and NetGalley for a digital copy to review.